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Motus / The Dreamer & The Breaker Art Print. This was a piece of photography work that I did for Motus magazine, Medicine for the soul ,heart break issue. To see full magazine head over to

The art prints are printed on 350 gsm Silk Paper, so a nice weight to pin on notice boards, pop on the wall, put in a frame and other places around your home!

Black A4 wooden frames are available to buy with prints in the UK, they have clear plastic front. The frames come separately from the prints, as they are from Amazon, so that it one less thing that you have to go through the hassle of ordering.

The Dreamer & The Breaker Poem:

I think now he’s gone,
It feels like my imagination has shattered
and it’s raining down on my life.
I feel as though writing is me running around
trying to catch fragment of memories and feelings
and piecing them all together
to figure out the mess we both made.

My mistake was that I was a naive girl,
who was looking for love and care.
I was a dreamer, a perfectionist and an over thinker.
Every moment that was spent together,
in my memories were always edited like it was a film.
I know that by accident I was living in my head
and he couldn’t keep up with it
or maybe I just made the moments magically in my head
and maybe he never shared them.

His mistake was the way he dealt with the situations.
The way things moved too fast,
the way he would cancel and stand me up.
They way he didn’t seem to care about
how his words and actions would cut so deep.
The way words fell out of his mouth,
he didn’t mean.
But my heart
and mind believed them.

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